Kickboxing/ Warrior X-fit

The WARRIOR X-FIT workout  is the most effective means to  transform your body, fitness level  and frame of mind through a unique  martial arts personal training  program based on creating explosive  change.

 The program is the first martial  arts personal training program to  incorporate a uniform and ranking  system to your fitness level.  Although there is no actual sparring  or fighting, each workout is  considered a FIGHT and the ranking  system is based on the number of  fights you win. Each workout rank  coincides with the belt order of  traditional martial arts and  accomplishing a specific level of  fitness.

 WARRIOR X-FIT will teach you the  skills needed to protect yourself  through martial arts progressions  and striking and get you in the best  shape of your life through a unique  combination of dynamic core  exercises. Anyone and everyone will  benefit from WARRIOR X-FIT.


The Six Rounds of  the Super Six consists of six  exercises, with each exercise being  3 minutes in duration. Within those  3 minutes, the exercise is further  broken down into six 20 second  segments of exercise and six 10  second intervals of rest. During the  exercise, the practitioner is  challenged to do as many repetitions  as possible for the 20 second  segment. Upon completion of the  segment, each exercise is totaled  and an output is calculated for the  workout of the day. This output  determines an individuals belt  ranking according to their fitness  level.

Once an output is  calculated (and if six rounds have  occurred), the output total for the  workout can be compared with the  corresponding output total for that  specific fitness belt level to  determine whether a WIN has  occurred. Each belt level requires a  specific number of wins to advance.

The theory behind  the fitness component of the WARRIOR X-FIT program is based on the two most  important factors for getting  results with exercise: consistency  and intensity.

Consistency is  defined as how often the person  exercises
Intensity is  defined as how hard the person  exercises


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